Sunday, May 23, 2010

Girl's Club: apron!

Saturday was the 4th session of the sewing unit. Vania had the girls make a reversible apron. She had made up different size patterns out of brown paper.
After the girls cut out their patterns, they sewed them together, turned them inside out, and then pressed them. 
Some girls had to wait while others where using the sewing machines.
Here are the girls sporting their new aprons:
Here you can see the other side:
They turned out so well! Don't you think?

From a window to a door!

Progress had slowed down a little due to a failed inspection but now that we passed it it should pick back up. This week we went from a window:
to no window:
to an opening:
to a door!
While they couldn't work on the room they replaced some rotten siding:. First they wrapped the space.
Then they installed hardiboard:
On Friday they passed their inspection so Saturday they were able to lay the shingle. Monday they will start the siding on the addition.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We have a room!

The front porch is finished! We have been having coffee on it in the mornings or after lunch. The weather has been so pleasant for it. You can see Penny inside watching me (she "stayed" so well!)
The back porch has also been poured. Today they come clean up all the debris. It's going to be great for parties!
In the above picture you can see the room's foundation. In the below picture you can see the foundation and the window which will become a door...
Now the frame is being built...
The sides are going on...
And we have a room!
The room seems a bit dark so we will add another window on the wall that you can see in the above picture. Today the inspector comes. Once that happens they will shingle and wrap the exterior with Tyvex. Then the electrician comes. It's moving quickly now! Annie is getting so excited!
Here's an inside view.
And a view of where the door is going to be.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New porch!

Yesterday they formed the footers and made the new porch. The cement truck came in through the back yard. We took down three fence panels in order for him to fit. It's so nice to live on a cul-de-sac that backs up to apartments!
View of the front part of the front porch with the brick laid. We are imitating what was already there.
They had to carry the cement by wheelbarrow because the cement truck would have cracked the driveway.
Dad couldn't just stand around and watch so grabbed a shovel and helped out!
Finishing it off. Looks so good!
Here's how they poured the footers.
View of the opened up fence.

They are making good progress! Today Annie baked cookies for the guys! She's really excited about the new room!