Sunday, April 6, 2014

Black olive pesto

I threw this recipe together in desperation last night after working all day in the garden. I didn't have any meat defrosted. I wanted pasta (quick! easy!) but I didn't want to do a tomato sauce. What I really wanted was pesto since I had been planting basil seeds that day but in the absence of fresh basil I thought of sun-dried tomato pesto. But when I went to the pantry I was OUT of sun-dried tomatoes!! 😱 I had already pressed two garlic cloves so I quickly shifted gears and switched to black olive pesto.

Into the Cuisinart went two handfuls of pitted black olives, a half cup of sliced almonds, a tablespoon of capers. A quick whirrr. Hmmm...what else? It needed something green but the only fresh herbs in the garden were sage, thyme (both pretty strong flavors) and oregano! Yes! That would work! A few springs, then added some extra vergin olive oil and about a quarter cup (ok more like a half cup) of freshly grated parmiggiano. Perfect! Dinner is served!
Today mom used the leftovers to coat artichokes. So delish!