Friday, March 20, 2009

Canning tomatoes

My mother and I can tomatoes every March here in Florida. We were so excited to find boxes of tomatoes at $9/box at the farmer's market. We bought 7. I wanted to make 2 into sauce and 2 into chopped tomatoes. My brother and mom will share the other 3 boxes. They wanted all sauce. We had a perfect day...not too hot and not too cold. Timothy and Annie helped out as well.

First we boiled the cleaned tomatoes to prepare them for making sauce.

While those boiled I diced tomatoes. After I filled a big bucket, we added salt and started filling jars.

After we finished those, the tomatoes were finished boiling. We drained them and the pureeing process began.

We filled more jars. Then dad wrapped each jar with a rag and placed them in the big drum while Annie filled it with water. The jars will boil for 30 minutes.

In the meantime Mom added salt to the puree. What a big pot it made!!

After all our hard work, we stopped for lunch. What did we eat? Bread and tomatoes of course! We call it pane e pomodoro.


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