Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cioccolata calda and Ciambellone

Yesterday my mother invited us over for an Italian hot chocolate. Italian hot chocolate is nothing like Swiss Miss. It is dense, dark and delicious! She had a little surprise for us though: ciambellone!

She served it in small bowls instead of mugs so that you could dip the ciambellone in it. The kids got to calling it "chocolate soup." Whatever the name...it was delicious! 
Going, going...

She found the recipes online. Here's the hot chocolate recipe. It's in English. The ciambellone recipe (which is a light cake-like treat) is in Italian.

If you are experiencing cold weather and are looking for a way to stay warm, this is one delizioso way!

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  1. So, will you translate the Italian recipe for us? I want to try this before Wed. night. :-)


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