Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pasta con Carne di Maiale

Recipe for Pork Pasta


Olive Oil
Ground Pork
White wine
Chopped tomatoes
Sage (fresh is best but can used dried)
(Quantities of each vary depending on how big a crowd you are cooking for.)

Saute' onion in olive oil. Add ground pork and let brown. Add white wine and let evaporate a few minutes. Add canned tomatoes. When almost done cooking, add sage and salt to taste. Serve over pasta cooked al dente.

Want to see a picture? It looks sort of like Bolognese sauce but with chunky tomatoes rather than puree'. It also has a different hue since the pork is "the other white meat." The sage lends such a distinctive yummy flavor.

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  1. Oh!! This looks so yummie!!!!
    Yes, I need to show you the granny square technique! It is quite easy, you will see...I have bought a new book with easy directions, I must show you. :) I wish you and your beautiful family a Thanksgiving day full of the Lord's Blessings! xo


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