Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This week the team worked on putting in electricity and water. We are adding a light in the shower as well as a vent fan. Code doesn't require us to but we'd like to. There's so much to think about when placing outlets and switches.

The light and fan switch to our bedroom had to be moved since the wall was moving out into the bedroom 21 inches.
 Three switches: the light above the sinks, the fan, and the light in the shower.
 Wires running everywhere. You can see the boxes where the plugs will go above the sinks.
 The fan and the light are put in place.
Tom does such a nice job cleaning up after he's done working for the day.
We have selected tile and granite. More than likely going with this tile. Looks like marble but it's not.
 Need to decide between one of these two granite pieces.
 And we really like the blue mosaic as an accent in the shower.
Today I must go order the cabinet!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! So excited for you! Can't wait to see the next step!

  2. Your remodel is looking fantastic!! So happy for you!! :)


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