Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama (it works!)

Back in March I learned about Trim Healthy Mama (THM) from a friend. She shared Gwen's book review and her quick start guide with me. I ordered my book, read over the quick start guide and began learning how to separate my fats and carbs. By April I was getting a hang of the lingo, the process and the special foods. May 1st was my official start date.
Here I am with my friend (and exercise partner) the week I started. We were working a convention together.

Three weeks ago I hit my goal of losing 10 pounds. That doesn't sound like much, you say. Well, they were 10 pounds that wouldn't budge, no matter how much I tried, how diligent I was at logging calories consumed and calories burned on My Fitness Pal, no matter how many miles I ran training for the Breast Cancer Marathon.

I am 5'1" and it doesn't take much for 10 pounds to show up and throw me from a BMI of normal to overweight. My goal was to get in the normal range. Barely. Just barely over the mark. Well, I made it and have been there for 3 weeks now. My new goal is to get more in the middle of that normal range.

With my darling husband last month (he's also lost 10 pounds loosely following THM).

I am told you can see it in my face. I've always had a round face so I can't really see it. But I can tell in my clothes. I've had to go shopping because my pants were falling down and I had to wear a belt with them. Plus they were bagging and weren't flattering at all. I've discovered thrifting as a new "hobby" since I didn't want to spend too much (Would I really keep it off? What if I keep losing sizes?) It's been fun finding brand name clothes for CHEAP in sizes I haven't seen in over a decade. (That necklace in the picture above came from Goodwill for $3!)
What I like about this way of eating is there's NO COUNTING! No counting calories or Weight Watcher points. I had grown so weary of counting that it sabotaged my efforts on days I couldn't figure out how to count what I ate. And the food is REAL food! Not "diet food." (You are allowed, indeed *encouraged*, to eat fat!!)

I warn you, there IS a learning curve. You WILL mess up! It's okay! Just learn from it and move on. Every little bit you do right counts towards forward progress. Just DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING! And when you hit a plateau (and you will) don't lose heart! Keep at it. I think it's your body readjusting and shifting things around.

May you be blessed by health and joy in life. I am so thankful for both.

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  1. And might I say you do look "mahvelous" in person, my dear! You are amazing! Thankful to call you friend and advisor!


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