Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life saving

Today I attended my brother's (second) life saving award. It was moving to listen to the Sheriff recount the story of how David's intervention saved a baby's life.

He was called to the scene of a car crash where he found a baby in the car (unrestrained) who had suffered injuries. The baby wasn't breathing so he performed artificial resuscitation and then, using his nursing skills, he was able to stabilize the baby and begin an IV (which he is so good at doing, even starting a line on himself when he gets sick!). When Jacksonville Fire Rescue showed up at the scene a short while later they were able to quickly transport the baby to a hospital, saving the baby's life.

I attended another award ceremony a few months ago given by the Rotary club and when they told the story, the officer sitting at our table was amazed. She knew the baby. The family went to her church and they had prayed for the mother and child after the accident.
Isn't it cool how God answered their prayer by sending my brother who is also a registered nurse?
God is in the business of saving lives! It's cool when he uses people to help him. David, you're my hero!

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  1. What an awesome story, Sheila!! David, what an awesome guy! Of course, we all already knew you were, but glad you are getting some recognition! Love you all!


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