Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cleaning house

One of the things I'm trying to focus on more now that I'm not working as a Sonlight advisor is to deep clean and declutter the house. I've been following Spring Cleaning 365 for over a year now. She focuses on one area a week, giving you daily tasks to tackle. Most tasks take 5-15 minutes. She also gives you a monthly habit to form. Currently we are in the kitchen and the Cleaning Habit for this month is to Clean Your Kitchen Every Night. I love to get up in the morning to a clean kitchen! I've been enjoying doing the tasks. Some days are so busy that I don't get to them but I leave it in my email inbox and then try to tackle it the next day (or the next, or all on one day).

I've informed my family of the current monthly task and am asking for their participation. If I clean the kitchen after dinner and then go to bed, I do *NOT* want to wake up to a dirty kitchen or things in the sink. If they make something, then it's up to them to clean up after themselves. It's been going well. Do you have a method to your cleaning? I'm HOW old and I'm still learning! What are your tips?

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