Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Create28: A few looks

The lovely Carrie of A Lovely Little Wardrobe has been challenging us to create outfits from our closets and she helps us by giving us prompts as part of Create 28. Today's prompt is Leopard Print & Patterns. I was going to go with my usual (I say 'usual' but it's new to me as of the Fall Challenge) stripes and leopard like this one:
But then I read her blog post and her outfit inspired me to try something different. I mixed a black and white gingham shirt with leopard print scarf. I was going to pair it with my leopard flats, but today is cold in Florida so I opted for riding boots instead to go over dark wash skinny jeans.
Surprise, surprise - I like it! I used to NEVER mix patterns but lately I've branched out and tried a few combinations. I like the way this looks. I also used to never mix warm and cool colors, like this black and brown, but I've gotten to where I like that too! Do you mix patterns or warm and cool colors?

Here are a few more looks from this past week.
Day 10: Bright Colors Look
Day 11: A Stripes Look
Day 16: A Thrifted Look (tank, shirt and jeans all thrifted)

Day 17: Vest or Jacket Look
Days 12- 14 this was my look. I was working.
I missed several days this past week. I was either traveling or wearing the above uniform. I sure am having fun playing along with this challenge! You can still join in! It's free. Just follow Carrie's blog to see what the OOTD is. You can share your look on Instagram with the hashtag #Create28BLovely.


  1. Loving your looks and the beautiful background...looks so warm!! I also love that baubly pearl necklace!

    1. Thanks Deena! It's not the typical warm for around here but it is certainly warmer than your temps!


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