Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week One: Build Your Basics Challenge

The new Style Me challenge has begun! The outfits started coming in our email inbox on Sunday night. Like last time, I have not purchased everything on the list just yet. My budget for money or time won't allow me to. But now that I have the list, I know what I need and can keep an eye out for a good deal. 

On Day 1 Alison and Cyndi styled Striped Top + Bootcut Jeans + Tassel Necklace + Neutral Flats.

It was still warm where I live so I decided to sub the bootcut jeans for a denim mini skirt. Since I wore the skirt, I added black tights since it wasn't THAT warm. And I used black flats as my neutral flat to keep an uninterrupted line and lengthen my legs. I have yet to find a tassel necklace I like so I wore my wire-wrapped pearl long necklace in its place.
Day 1

Day 2's outfit was Chambray + Black Pants + Leopard Belt + Black Boots

I followed this outfit to the letter even though the belt was driving me a little crazy. It kept shifting around and I kept having to readjust it. The pants don't have belt loops so I had to wear the belt like this if I wanted to wear it. 
Day 2
And today is Day 3 which called for White Shirt + Denim Jacket + Khaki Pants + Leopard Flats

I had to make some adjustments today due to the weather. The temperature dropped last night and it finally turned cold. Like cover-the-plants-and-bring-in-the-bunny kind of cold! 

Day 3
This is how I put the outfit together as prescribed. But then I started making changes. I swapped the flats for booties so I could wear socks (and stay warm!) Then I added a cable knit sweater for an added layer of warmth under my denim jacket. And finally I added my wire-wrapped pearl again. 

Day3 - What I actually wore
I like the outfits that Alison and Cyndi have put together so far! I'm looking forward to what else they have in store for us!

I'm linking up to Alison's I Feel Pretty Link Party!

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